Baby Eye Exams

The Importance of Baby Eye Exams:
​​​​​​​A Guide for New Parents

Are you wondering when it's time for your baby's first eye exam? As a new mom myself (Otto was born in October!), I understand the challenges of keeping track of all the necessary doctor appointments for your little one. You may be surprised to learn that we recommend scheduling your baby's first eye exam between the ages of 6-12 months!

A significant number of treatable eye conditions such as amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (eye turns), and clinically significant far-sightedness will develop prior to age 5. Vision skill disorders and eye health problems can impact a child's future performance in school and beyond. Early detection is key for your baby's overall well-being.

During the initial eye exam, your optometrist will use special techniques, such as lights and lenses, to assess your child's vision. No, they won't be asked to read an eye chart! The examination will determine how well your child can see, identify any potential prescription needs or the necessity for glasses, evaluate how their eyes work together, and assess the health of the front and back of the eye. In some cases, the optometrist may use drops or a spray to dilate the baby's/child's pupils to get a better look inside and ensure the health of the eye. Rest assured, infants and children typically find the exam painless and even enjoyable!

Many medical insurance plans cover routine eye exams for infants and children. If not, our doctors at InSight are providers for the InfantSee program, offering no-cost eye exams to babies between 6-12 months of age. Don't hesitate to call our office today or conveniently book an appointment online. We would love to ensure the optimal eye health of your little one!

Scheduling your baby's first eye exam between 6-12 months is a crucial step in safeguarding their vision and overall eye health. Early detection can make a significant difference in addressing potential issues and ensuring a bright and clear future for your child. Take the initiative today and prioritize your baby's eye care with InSight – where we'd love to SEE your little one!

Brittany Beers, OD